All about me!

Robert (R G Acoustic) is a multi - instrumentalist, playing guitar, Ukulele and Piano (This list may be added to over time). He started his Journey 10 years ago with the purchase of his First Acoustic guitar; which he still plays today (Albeit with a few modifications. however he has been playing Guitar for 15 years and singing for 9 years, Piano and Ukulele are recent endeavours, but has already shown some skill in writing music on these instruments.

Since then he has been writing music to help with life experiences and for therapeutic purposes.

Robert has come a long way since his inception onto the local music scene in October 2017. He took the big step in performing for people at open mic's after years of anxiety around this, everyone has seen him go from strength to strength in a relentless industry trying to break the 'Norm' and do his own thing.

He was originally a heavy Metal Guitarist and vocalist, with several failed attempts at forming a band Robert happily fell back onto his acoustic music as his way of saying "if you want something done right, do it yourself". Since his first Open Mic in 2017 Robert has not stopped performing at a variety of places and events around the local area, on the radio and has been filmed playing a set for a YouTube channel and has even been interviewed for the local university paper.

He takes lots of influence form Metal music but also has a diverse taste in music ranging from Classical, Pop, Metal, Rock, Synth Wave to cheesy classic rock and pop.

His vision for his first full EP or Album release is to have every song something different and for any occasion, whether you're potting plants, self-reflecting or just want to get angry about something. He strives to be truly original, which is an extremely demanding task in today’s Music Industry.

His vocals have been likened to that of Eddie Vedder (Pearl Jam), Myles Kennedy (Alter Bridge) and several bands including Greenday, Incubus, Deftones and many more in the Indie, Folk, Rock, Pop, Grunge and alternative genres.

As times goes on, Robert Vocals improve consistently, his song writing ability changes according to his current favourite genre and there is lot’s more to come from him.

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