A little bit late but here goes…

The Finale of My Summer

Final Festival of the year for me, Somerset’s unsigned. I was hungover (yeah not my finest decision) however we drove over an hour away to get to Chard. It was a nice enough place, cheap drinks and a few people around. However, more people arrived a lot later so my set was near the bare minimum of people. This doesn’t really bother me; I have played to no one for years and at minimum 2 people in a pub. Just ends up as good practice.

I can’t really say much about this festival, it was just a case of get the next act on, and it didn’t really need two stages.  Especially as no two acts were on at the same time (even though they would be far too close together anyway) and nothing really happened until the current performance had finished.  However can’t really complain, except playing for people really does get rid of my hangovers, or maybe it was the cheeky cider I had afterwards.

Because this is a bit short for my liking...

I have been bought a stage piano, I am learning and have decided I'm quite good at making it sound pretty. Two songs have been written so keep an ear out for those. The first place they will probably be appearing is my Youtube Channel. I have my Ukulele too, which I haven’t forgotten about. I think the aim for me is to learn a bunch of instruments, have a decent set of between 1.5 and 2 hours long of original material. Plus it will look really impressive swapping instruments on stage.

In other news I have more photos to upload, Just haven’t gotten around to subscribing to Photoshop yet to finish off the last ones; whereas before I used the free trial. I plan on improving my Photoshop skills too, so get ready for some possibly amazing photos.

Onwards and upwards

I am thinking of trying to do something for my one year anniversary of starting my music journey so keep a lookout for that!

I will also be releasing more music by the end of October/ Beginning of November this year. Keep a lookout for Political its something far different from what you may have heard already!

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Thanks for reading and lookout for the next one!


Robert Garbett